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What are Patent Examiner and Art Unit Statistics?

In an effort to provide greater transparency to the patent application process, and to help patent practitioners develop data-driven prosecution strategies, IronCrow AI has compiled prosecution statistics for all 10,000+ patent Examiners and 500+ art units, and is making this information freely accessible. These statistics capture the previous prosecution behavior of Examiners and art units, and are presented as concise, visually intuitive dashboards, an example of which is shown below:

An image of a patent Examiner dashboard for Examiner Richard Booth

Why Use Examiner Statistics?

How to Find Stats for an Examiner or Art Unit?

Simply start typing the name of a patent Examiner or the number of an art unit in the search bar above, and a drop-down list of all matching Examiners/art units will appear. Examiners are uniquely identified by a string in the format “ART UNIT-LAST NAME-FIRST NAME-MIDDLE INITIAL”. As an example, Examiner Ayaan A. Alam in art unit 1611 is uniquely identified by “1611-ALAM-AYAAN-A”, whereas art unit 1611 is identified by “1611”.

What Information is Provided?

Our Philosophy for Patent Prosecution Metrics

Our goal is to provide insight into the previous prosecution behavior of every Examiner and art unit in the USPTO, while encoding as few assumptions as possible. We also understand that each patent practitioner, and patent application is different, and therefore the importance of the various Examiner metrics will change depending on the situation. To that end, we avoid giving Examiners an overall “grade” using a home-brewed formula, but instead present “atomic” prosecution metrics in a concise and visually intuitive format, allowing you to make your own decisions.